Time To Spring Clean Your Files

i_love_shredded_paper___by_kurilee-d5lvv9rAlong with the rainy weather, (April showers brings May flowers, or as we have been experiencing days on end here in Colorado), we all need take out the old and prepare for the new. So now is the time as any to do some spring cleaning of those old files, receipts, etc. that we have been collecting and get rid of it this Saturday, May 16.

There is the annual 2015 Shred-a-Thon, sponsored by 9-New and Shred-it inc, to benefit local area Crime Stoppers and in the past has raised over $300,000. The cause is good, because once the documents have been shredded they are recycled and used in paper plates, napkins and cups.

Click here for the closes location and take your files on Saturday, May 16th between 7:00 a.m. until noon.

Types of documents experts recommend you shred include:

  • Cancelled checks
  • ATM and Credit card receipts
  • Old credit cards
  • Credit card offers
  • Bills
  • Old bank statements
  • Tax records and receipts (keep for 7 years)
  • Medical records and bills (keep for a year)
  • Pay stubs (keep for a year)

Shred all but the most recent version of: Social Security statements, annual insurance policy statements, retirement plan statements

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I found a house I love, what’s next?

A freshly resurfaced part of Route 66Great question.

You’ve been online and driving around looking at home for months and you finally found the perfect house that you and your family can see living in and making memories.

You think your next step would be to contact a mortgage lender and make sure that you qualify for this house of your dreams and are comfortable with the mortgage payments.

Most times people jump to finding their dream house and worry about financing later. This could cause a problem for you in a hot real estate market where houses are staying on the market an average of seven days. You’ve spent valuable time and money which has now been wasted, especially when there is more than one offer for a home on the table.

When a seller is looking at all the offers submitted on their house, they are going to look at not only the price being offered, but is the buyer qualified for a loan. Have they talked with a lender, has the lender looked at their financials, tax returns, and credit score and verified funds? The seller wants to know that your offer on their house is going to close. Finding out what you qualify for before you find your perfect home is the first step to getting into your dream home.

To qualify for a home loan can take from 5-30 days, depending on how quickly you supply the documentation the lender needs, so all of the time you’ve put into finding your dream home has now been lost. So don’t lose your dream home, find out what you’re qualified for first.

For referrals for to great lenders contact me and I’d be happy to assist you.

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10 Of The Most Affordable Cities To Purchase a Home In Colorado

With the Colorado real estate market heading into the “busy” season, most buyers might be frustrated right with the low inventory in the Metro Denver area (Denver metro area encompasses the seven metro counties: Arapahoe, Adams, Broomfield, Denver, Douglas Elbert IMG_2323and Jefferson Counties). Prices are rising because there is a low supply of homes, so it is definitely a seller’s market (more about this later).

According to the Denver Business Journal article, The 10 Most Affordable Colorado Cities to Buy a Home, buyers wanting to purchase a home now and take advantage of lower interest rates.

10. Fort Morgan – Homes For Sale Located about 80 miles northeast of Denver on  the   eastern plains.
9. Johnstown – Homes For Sale Located 41 miles north of Denver.
8. Fort Lupton – Homes For Sale Located 25 miles to Denver.
7. Firestone – Homes For Sale Located 30 miles north of Denver.
6. La Junta – Homes For Sale Located on the Arkansas River in southeastern Colorado, east of Pueblo, 175.1 miles southeast of Denver.
5. Wellington – Homes For Sale Located 69.1 miles north of Denver, known as I-25’s northernmost Colorado town.
4. Frederick – Homes For Sale Located 28.7 miles north of Denver.
3. Lamar – Homes For Sale Located 208.5 miles southeast of Denver, and east of Pueblo.
2. Sterling – Homes For Sale Located 128 miles northeast of Denver.
1. Milliken – Homes For Sale Located 49.2 miles Northeast of Denver.

Check out some of these homes for sale, see what you think.

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What’s Happening in Denver Real Estate December 2014

Here are some highlights from November 2014 with regards to the 7 metro Denver Counties.

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Preparing Your Home for Winter

IMG_0610We knew it was coming, even though last week in Denver we had a couple of days that were in the 70’s, it is going to get cold and there will be a lot of the white stuff on the ground. If you haven’t already prepared your home for winter, here are some helpful hints to prepare your house for the cold weather.




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How long do I have to wait to puchase a home after a Bankruptcy?

IMG_0842I get many questions from buyers wanting to purchase a home after they have had a bankruptcy, Short Sale, Deed-in-lieu of or Foreclosure, regarding how long they need to wait to qualify for a new mortgage.

The answer depends on what type of program you are using to finance a new property. Of course there could be some extenuating circumstances that could change the time frame, that is why it is a good idea to talk with the mortgage loan officer to get all the facts.

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I’m Going To Wait To Purchase A Home…

With the hot market here in Colorado, many buyers are finding themselves frustrated and may decided to wait until Spring 2015 to purchase. Yes, you could wait, could there be more homes on the market? Possibly, or inventory could continue to be low.

What about interest rates? Yes, they could go up. With regards to interest rates even half a percentage could significantly change the price of the home you are qualified for.

What about prices, I want a deal. Prices could go up, and that can reflect the price of a home you are qualified for and change your monthly payment. Even a $200.00 change in payment could make some buyers uncomfortable.

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Farmers Markets – Metro Denver

Welcome to the second day of Summer! With the summer season comes one of my favorite things to do…visit the local farmers markets. From the fresh pies (from Humble Pie) to yummy Heirloom tomatoes and even a visit to the a few of the food trucks. What a way to spend a IMG_0887weekend morning. Below you will find the link to all of the Metro Denver Farmers Markets.

Farmer’s Market – Metro Denver

See you next time!

Ruth A. Cullis

Keller Williams Realty Dowtown

Do’s and Don’ts For Loan Approval

You have found that perfect house and you’ve gone through acceptance of yoIMG_2560ur offer, the inspection went great and the appraisal has been done all you’re waiting for in final loan approval from your lender. Here are some simple Do’s and Don’ts to remember when you are waiting for final loan approval.



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